• Cecilia Viana

There's no place like home (If you create your nook)

Updated: Mar 26, 2020

Instead of thinking of this period of time we are have just entered as a quarantine, I’d like to think of it as a kind of hibernation: the moment in which some animals retreat to sleep, because the weather is too cold and the food too scarce. It is a survival mechanism. Animals evolve to adapt to the harsh conditions. We have to do the same. I say have to, because it’s part of evolution -for us as a society.

Now, we are about to enter a period of hibernation. Not like in the animal kingdom though, because we are not going to sleep or fast for months, but we are going to slow down. How about creating a nook at home, hygge-style, like the Scandinavians? Staying at home does not have to be so bad! Personally, I love it, and I created mine some time ago (hence the name, Language Nook). Create a space that calls you to be there, comfy, with objects and colors you like, maybe a plant, candles, scents, books, you decide. Create your favorite place in your house, your retreat.

I like to go beyond thinking of a nook as a physical space only, and think of it as a special, comfy place in our minds. I make space and time to read and study, just because I love it. When I combine both the physical and mental nooks, I feel sheer bliss.

I encourage you to do the same. Create your nook and take this time to put your thoughts in order, to set the GPS, so to speak, and why not, study English. Make the most of your time at home.

No hay nada mejor, no hay nada mejor que casa.

Happy hibernation!

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