Journey to fluency

Grow confident speaking about any topic, get used to answering questions spontaneously and coming up with ideas quickly, and  take action when you don't know what to say.


Private lessons

Lie back and have conversation classes with me, learn to better express yourself, get ready for an interview, a meeting, a presentation, or polish up your CV, whatever you need.


Write for IELTS

Know what is expected from you when you write for IELTS in terms of task achievement, coherence and cohesion, lexical resource and grammatical accuracy. Gain confidence following the writing process to write essays for IELTS. 


Speak for IELTS

Gain confidence speaking about a wide range of topics, improvising and coming up with ideas quickly, making time while thinking what to say, finding the words to express your thoughts, and keeping up the conversation when you get stuck. 


Español con Cecilia

Gain confidence speaking Spanish while you learn about the land of tango, Messi and good wine.