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Journey to Fluency

  Journey to fluency is a 3-week program that focuses on developing primarily spoken fluency, but also vocabulary, grammar, and writing skills. 


  • You will speak with more fluidity about the topics of your choice.

  • You will notice and self-correct mistakes that deal with grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation. 

  • You will find more exact words to express your thoughts and feelings. 


Each week you will receive: 


  • Study material in the form of text, audio or video meant for self-study and practice

  • 5 tasks: Four for speaking practice and one for writing 

  • My feedback on video, audio or text


At the end of the program, you will have a one to one, 30-minute live session with me for conversation practice, plus the recording of the session with notes of it.


We will be in touch every day, from Monday to Friday. On Monday I send you the study material and the first task, and on Friday, my last feedback of the week. 


The investment is NZD 195  

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