Frequently Asked Questions

How does Language Nook work?

It all starts when get in touch with me and let me know what you are looking for. Then, we agree on a date to have a consultation online, so you can ask me questions, clear all your doubts, get to know me and have a taste of the methodology. Finally, if you think Language Nook is the place for you, you sign up, and together we plan our schedule.

I want to start right now. Do I need a consultation?

Yes, you do.  It is an opportunity:

  • for me to evaluate your level of English

  • for you to see if the methodology is right for you

  • for us to get to know each other

But don't worry! This consultation does not commit you to taking classes with me. It is meant to help you decide if this is the right place for you. If you think it is not, no problem, there are no strings attached. 

What is an online class like?

At the arranged time and date, I call you via Zoom, and we start our class. Previously, I will have shared with you the material we will use. Classes last 50 minutes,  and at the end, you get feedback and suggestions on what you can do until next class. 

Can I cancel a class?

Yes, as long as you do it 24 hours in advance. Otherwise, that class will be lost. You can cancel via email. 

What happens if I connect late?

If at the arranged time and date you are not connected, I will try to get in touch with you via the platform we use for our classes, email and phone.

  • If after 15 minutes I couldn't get hold of you, the class will be considered cancelled.

  • If you connect late, the class will be held anyway, and it will finish at the scheduled time.

What happens if there are technical problems?

If technical problems interrupt the class and it is impossible for us to continue, it will be postponed, free of charge for you. 

Can I use my phone to have the class?

I don't recommend it, since it is too difficult to communicate and access the documents we use in class at the same time. Having access to a computer is ideal. Some students like using both: a phone to communicate via Zoom, and a computer to access the documents. 

Do I have to pay in advance?

Yes. First you choose the best class package for you, purchase it, and then we schedule our classes.