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Who we are

We are Cecilia and Laura, and our story began in 2014, the year when we found each other working at the same language school in Córdoba, Argentina. We worked together for a short time, because Laura came to New Zealand a soon after we met. A few years later, I followed suit, and we reunited here in Auckland to work together again. (Better picture of us coming soon!) 

Cecilia Viana

I'm a teacher and a translator, and I have experience teaching both in Argentina and in New Zealand. I am a fan of learning, anything, at any time. In March 2020 I created Language Nook and got immersed in the world online classes, which I've been loving.

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Laura Boué

​I love languages, any of them, all of them.

I’m a teacher and a translator, and I have wide experience teaching both in Argentina and New Zealand. I have taught in different settings and to a wide range of ages, and my preference nowadays is to work with adults.

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About the nook

A nook is a small and quiet corner

or a sheltered place. 

Have you heard of “reading nooks”? They are cozy, peaceful spaces where you can get away from all distractions, relax your mind and body, and enjoy a good book. They are oases that invite you to slow down and make yourself comfortable. ​This is what Language Nook is meant to be.


No pressure, stress, fixed schedules, commuting, paper, or wasted time. We focus on what matters the most: your motivation and well-being.

​Language Nook is meant to be a space where you choose to go, no where you have to go. And here, go means go to your nearest device.

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Don't let English get in the way of your dreams. Instead, make English the shortcut to where you want to go. 

Get in charge of your future and start taking action!

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