About the teacher


Cecilia Viana

I'm a teacher and a translator, and I have experience teaching both in Argentina and in New Zealand. I am a fan of learning, anything, at any time. In March 2020 I created Language Nook and got immersed in the world online classes, which I've been loving.

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About the nook

A nook is a small and quiet corner

or a sheltered place. 

Have you heard of “reading nooks”? They are cozy, peaceful spaces where you can get away from all distractions, relax your mind and body, and enjoy a good book. They are oases that invite you to slow down and make yourself comfortable. ​This is what Language Nook is meant to be.


No pressure, stress, fixed schedules, commuting, paper, or wasted time. We focus on what matters the most: your motivation and well-being.

​Language Nook is meant to be a space where you choose to go, no where you have to go. And here, go means go to your nearest device.