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If you want to know more about me, here is my story

I'm an Argentinian expat who chose the stunning New Zealand to put down her roots.

Ever since I was a little child, I had a supernatural desire to speak English fluently, become a teacher and live in an English-speaking country. When I finished high school, I went on to study English at the National University of Córdoba, followed by Human Resources at Colegio Universitario IES. Here in New Zealand, I studied to get my CELTA certification at the University of Auckland. Yes, I love studying, and I'm always thinking about what to study next.

I started my teaching career at the language school where I had studied as a teenager, teaching people of all ages. There I realized I enjoyed working with adults, so I decided to focus on this age group. That was when I started working at Go! Idiomas, a school that still holds a special place in my heart, and where I could do exactly what moved me: help people break the language barrier to pursue their dreams. Even though I was perfectly happy there, there was something that needed solving: my supernatural desire to live abroad.

I left Argentina to embark on an adventure in Australia. What an amazing experience that was! Then, I backpacked around New Zealand and I felt in love: it is a genuine nook of nature. I went back home, married my fiancé, and together we came to New Zealand, which has been our home since 2017.

Soon after I arrived, I started working at a language school called Unique, in Browns Bay. I dare to say it was a life-changing experience. Although I had taught for quite a few years, I had never worked in an environment with such an amount of cultural diversity. I experienced at first hand how important it is to communicate at a deeper level among international neighbours if we want a better world. 

So, I had become a fluent speaker of English, a teacher, and settled in an English-speaking country. But because I have an inexhaustible source of dreams, I could not stop there. I wanted to be the solution to somebody else's problems, in these times when life is so hectic, so I decided to create Language Nook for those who don't like, or simple can't go to a conventional language school and prefer learning at their own pace.

If you are one of those people, I would be delighted to help you!

In a nutshell...

  • I am an Argentinian living in New Zealand.

  • I graduated from the School of Languages,  National University of Córdoba.

  • I am a CELTA holder (Cambridge Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages, a certification from the University of  Cambridge for English teachers).

  • I have experience in Argentina and in New Zealand.

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The Nook


Anyone who loves reading in a hidden, cozy place, away from all distractions and obligations, as if putting themselves in an enjoyable time out, will agree with me that reading nooks are like paradise on earth. 

I remember being up to my ears in work and study, longing for the time when I could find a nook to read and learn with no pressure, for fun, because I wanted to, not because I had to. 

That is what Language Nook is all about: taking the pressure away from learning, by removing the stress, fixed schedules, commuting, paperwork and focusing  on what matters the most instead: your motivation and well-being.

 It is meant to be a space where you choose to go, no where you have to go.

And here, go means go to your nearest device.

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Don't let English get in the way of your dreams. Instead, make English the shortcut to where you want to go. 

Get in charge of your future and start taking action!

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