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Welcome to Language Nook

A space that combines the modernity and convenience of virtual classes with the warmth and support of a private teacher.


Online classes of English and Spanish for learners of all levels.

My mission

To provide a solution for people who want to learn English or Spanish or simply improve their language skills, but cannot, or do not want to, commit to a conventional language school and prefer to study from home.

Who I work with

  • Beginner to advanced learners of the language who have clear objectives, are responsible and respectful. 

  • Professionals who want to express better at work.

  • Immigrants who need to communicate in their new country.

  • People who need to take an international exam for immigration or university.

The benefits of studying at Language Nook


Save time and money

No need to commute, spend money on buses or parking.


Short-term commitments

Once a class package finishes, you decide: if you want to continue, great! If not, no problem!  There are no strings attached.



 If your routine changes, your class schedule can, too.


Make up classes

Life happens. If you miss a class, you can make it up.


Short-term objectives

Each class package has clearly defined, short-term objectives to keep you focused and motivated.


No extra expenses

There is no need to buy books or any other material.



Because classes are online, you can study anywhere. 


Meet me and talk to me before you commit

There's nothing worse than committing to something you don't like! Let's avoid that.


Go at your own pace

You decide how often you take classes.


Personalised classes

Even though I follow a syllabus, the content will vary according to your needs. You are the boss.

The process

1. Get in touch

Fill in the contact form. Tell me who you are and what classes you are interested in.

2. Consultation

I offer you a consultation so you to get to know me and I can tell you all about how the classes work.

3. Think about it

I send you the details of the class packages; if you like them, you let me know which one you want.

4. Set your goals

I help you define your goals and then we plan a roadmap to get there.


5. Schedule

We plan our class schedule.

6. Start

We have our first class!

7. Continue

When the class package is about to finish, you let me know if you want to continue.

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