I help professionals improve their communication skills in English.

English is a tool that opens doors to opportunities: it helps you get a better job, a promotion, study abroad, apply for residency in an English speaking country, and build relationships with people from other countries, to name just a few. Simply put: better English, better life.

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Discover new ways of learning

Why do so many people still struggle to learn English, in spite of the myriad of free resources available nowadays? I find that the obstacle to learning it is not a lack of resources, but the person’s learning habits and mindset.

This free mindful learner's guide will give you ideas on how to incorporate mindfulness into your study routine, and thus, have a more productive and enjoyable study experience. You will learn:

  • How to use time effectively

  • How to feel better before and during studying

  • How to create an optimal study space

  • How to better remember what you learn


Get my free Mindful Learner's Guide to start creating effective learning habits  and achieve your language goals faster.


Who is Language Nook for?

Language Nook is for those professionals who crave progress, who want a bright future for themselves. Whether you want to get a better job, study abroad, emigrate or simply express yourself in English confidently, you know that making yourself understood is not enough to achieve your goals. Are you:  

A professional who emigrated to an English speaking country, but cannot free yourself from unskilled jobs because your level of English is not enough to land a job in your profession?

Able to talk about the technical aspects of your job, but when it comes to social interaction, you struggle? 

Already working in your profession, but cannot move up the career ladder because for a job that involves more responsibility, you need better English skills?

If you can relate to any of these questions, welcome, you have come to the right place.

Language Nook is for you if:

  • You don't like, don't thrive in or simply can't go to traditional classes.

  • You can't commit to a fixed schedule.

  • You want to learn at your own pace, but with the support of a teacher.

  • You are willing to take responsibility for you own learning and work towards becoming a more independent learner

What my students say

Valeria Trobbiani.jpg

Valeria Trobbiani

I really enjoy having classes with Cecilia; she is super flexible with times and methodology. I can feel the difference in my speaking since I started with the "Journey to Fluency" plan; I can speak much more fluently now.


Yensy Duarte

I started classes online because I wanted to learn at my own pace and at the time of day that most suits me, but most importantly, I wanted to study with a private teacher who can plan the classes based on my needs. Ceci, as a teacher, is very professional, patient, warm-hearted and understands that everyone has their own  rhythm. She prepares the classes in advance and always gives me feedback about what I need to focus on.

Sofía García Saltzmann_edited.jpg

Sofía García Saltzmann

I took different courses with Cecilia and I have to say that it was a before and after in terms of improving my level of English. With her help, I identified my strengths and weaknesses, which helped me to improve. I also managed to communicate more fluently and express my ideas more clearly.


Eugenia Ponce

Cecilia is an extremely professional and dedicated teacher. She has changed my approach to English; thanks to her, I realized that learning English can be fun. Her classes are very dynamic and she always utilizes different resources to make them fun and interesting. She helped me learn about vocabulary, pronunciation and grammar rules in our conversation lessons, using different topics to make them more entertaining


Saskia Eckloff

Cecilia is the best Spanish teacher I can imagine. She pushes me gently to speak, speak and speak. I started learning because my partner is also from Argentina. She is very creative and makes our journey very special. She listens to my needs and I have learned heaps so far! The best thing is that she is super flexible and I always find time to do my activities even when I am super busy. I highly recommend her if you want to learn Spanish and have no clue how to start. She will take care of you and will help you improve your language skills. 


Valeria Calderazzi

I really enjoy having English classes with Cecilia! She is very professional, very nice and flexible with the classes. If something comes up and  you can't do your tasks,  she will find a way to help you. She has a good way of helping me improve my English pronunciation and I learn vocabulary all the time with her. It is important to feel comfortable with the person who is teaching you, because it is the only way  you will enjoy homework and it is a good reason not to stop taking classes.


Achieve fluency by practising every day with my support, even if you have little time. 

 Polish up your conversation skills, get ready for that interview, presentation or video, you name it. 

Prepare for the writing section of the exam. 

Prepare for the speaking section of the exam. 

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Not everybody learns in the same way. Have you discovered what works for you?


Discover what to do in order to start communicating in no time.

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Explore the language, don't be afraid of making mistakes. In fact, they can help you a lot!

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My mission

The mission of Language Nook is to provide a solution for professionals who emigrated to an English speaking country and want to improve their communication skills in English in order to get a job in their profession, advance in the career ladder and feel more confident in their new country, but cannot, or simply do not want to, commit to a fixed schedule and prefer to study from home.

Be a mindful learner

Get the Mindful Learner's Guide

to start creating effective learning habits

and achieve your language goals faster.